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We are an apolitical, non-profit international organization created to fight against health disparities in West Africa …

“Help yourself and Heaven will help you!”

Who are we ?

Medic Hub who are we

Founded in 2019 in the State of Philadelphia in the United States of America by Senegalese diaspora based in the United States and residents of Senegal, Medic Hub is an international non-profit non-political organization.

Created to fight against health disparities in West Africa Medic Hub’s credo “Help yourself and Heaven will help you”.

In this regard, our primary objective is the mobilization of more diverse resources capable of improving the health of our most disadvantaged citizens.

In fact, the scope of the planned interventions concerns the BLOOD CANCER as well as the public health components which accompany this pathology and which will be defined in the development of action programs.


Our General Philosophy

Our vision is to inspire the hope of contributing to the health and well-being of people with cancer and other chronic diseases.

Our mission

Medic Hub Our Vision

The main mission of MEDIC HUB members is to eliminate or substantially reduce the disparities observed in sick people facing socio-economic challenges in the health sector through the creation of a partnership or hub between the various players concerned.

Our goals

Medic Diagnostic Hub 3

Facilitation of the diagnosis of blood cancers in West Africa

medichub message

Information and awareness on cancer diseases and their screening

Medic Hub Medicines

Availability and facilitation of access to medicines in the cancer treatment

Medic Hub Strategy

Development of a strategic cancer screening plan in West Africa and in particular in Senegal

Medic Hub Area of intervention

Our field of intervention

Medic Hub is a reference in the field of medical , of social but also in the research by setting up programs or action plans inclusive .

Medic Hub Area of intervention

A – On the medical level

Through the FAGARU program which aims to provide therapeutic education or “Medical Care Management”, several actions are carried out with the aim of supporting patients in their treatment and monitoring.

They will mainly focus on the importance of systematic screening for blood cancers but will also be extended to other types of cancer as well as chronic diseases.




B – On the social level

With the implementation of Yaakar-Hope program aiming to provide patients suffering from cancer and chronic diseases as well as their families, with medico-social support services such as:

⇒ The coordination of their medical care in order to help them access care

⇒ Rigorous monitoring of medical indications

⇒ Access to resources and support necessary for their healing and quality of life.

C – Research, training and support for health structures

The Hub intends to participate in research and training in the field of chronic diseases in general and blood cancers in particular and in parallel to support the health structures taking charge of these pathologies in various forms.

Act with us

The projects supported by MEDIC HUB will be financed from donations, fundraising campaigns, drugs, materials to have the means to assist populations in need.

Moreover, we intend to develop, in a participatory and inclusive approach, a network of partners ready to provide technical, material and financial support for the cause of cancer patients.

Thus this partnership will be initiated and strengthened with the public authorities, the private sector, civil society organizations, religious and customary leaders, as well as all the goodwill committed on a voluntary basis.

Medical day to raise awareness and support vulnerable people

Medic Hub in partnership with Somone City Hall and Sneips.

In the program :
– Distribution of 75 food kits
– 1000 sanitary kits

Somone, December 26, 2020

Cancer is a disease, not a condemnation!

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